Introducing a New St. Louis Food Blog:
Katie's Feast

Apple & Honey Dutch Baby from Katie's Feast 
Please welcome Katie Thatcher, author of the new St. Louis food blog, Katie's Feast.

Katie is one of those people who remembers which appetizer the person next to her ordered at that restaurant they went to five years ago. Ever since her early childhood, when she baked "bread" (her own recipe) which her parents were generous enough to eat and proclaim delicious, she has been experiencing life through food and cooking. After cooking every recipe in The Herbfarm Cookbook, she got her first job -- working in the kitchen and gardens at nationally renowned Herbfarm Restaurant. More recently she worked as a recipe writer for MarketSpice, a spice and tea company out of Seattle.

Katie grew up in Seattle, spent a year living with a family in Italy in high school, and then went to college in Middlebury, Vermont before moving to St. Louis. She brings to Missouri a fascination with herbs and a cooking style influenced by Italian, French, and Southeast Asian flavors and styles. Her interest in food ranges from the trendiest of the trendy (Spaghetti alla Chittara with Sea Urchin Roe and Dungeness Crabmeat) to old-fashioned food (Banana Pudding), so long as the food satisfies the senses and provides enjoyment.

Katie's Feast began with a desire to share with her friends and family, scattered across the country and the world, her adventures with food and cooking. Her posts are often original recipes, but might also contain restaurant reviews, menu ideas, entertaining tips, and untested recipe ideas. She loves helping people plan menus and dinners, and looks forward to blog readers posing questions or asking for advice.

Her blog is her chronicle of her life though food--an effort to document and share her musings on what is delicious and why.

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